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Dec 2, 2012 10:00pm PST
meteorologist. we're looking right now at double digit rainfall in the north bay. we needed it, but look terrain fall totals. 10.2 inches of rain all. we nearly had ten inches in kentfield. seven inches in -- sfo airport, more than four, oakland saw three and a half and han jose -- san jose. >> one rain shower anywhere close to it. we need to decrease this land slide. happy rain is finished. it will be clear tonight, some usurious fog because the ground is so saturated and rain is in the forecast. coming up on compl -- weather, i'm explain. >>> don't forget can you track any storm at home, on our web site, >> glad warnings for the napa -- don tells us what may have played a big factor in preventing disaster. >> in the late afternoon sub, the napa river looks inviting enough. storms failed to bring the river less than three feet. up river, there were some minor flooding when it rose about half foot up stage. john rowjas has been through 20 years of floods. >> i used to believe sandbags didn't work, but they do. flashlights. just have everything ready, have your cars gassed
Dec 9, 2012 10:00pm PST
brown were teammates at the university of illinois. this isn't the first run-in with the law for the cowboy's nose tackle. in 2009 he pleaded guilty to dui. >> you think about josh and the tough situation that he's obviously in now. you know it's a hard, hard situation. there's no playbook for this sort of thing. >> reporter: the cowboys say they are standing by brent. if convicted he faces a minimum of two years behind bars. >> reverend jesse jackson was in san francisco today to celebrate peace sunday. jackson joined other religious leaders and mayor ed lee at city hall to highlight the city's violence prevention initiative. the focus of the initiative is to get parents involved in their children's lives to keep the cycle of crime violent free. >> job, job training, hope, and the future. >> expressing his support for the revival of the banned on assault weapons. >>> fresh grab in san francisco. synonymous for years, but not so much this past week. cbs 5 reporter explains the shortage that put a cramp in this weekend's crab festival. >> reporter: this weekend the annual crab festiva
Dec 23, 2012 10:00pm PST
, reminding people that there was a lot of water out here just a little earlier. let's take a look at some of that video. cars were getting stuck in the water, some actually breaking down. the san francisco creek went over its banks flooding the streets and a part of highway 101. now according to the fire chief, no homes were flooded. some of the water did damage some businesses. roads in the east neighborhoods were closed off for a part of the night. water ran right up to peoples driveways. they said that they are worried that a levy could be compromised. some worried residence scrambled to protect their homes. >> and i was going to go get something like that. you know about 10 minutes. if i could get some of the mud away. but other than that, just wait for the water to go down. >> my mom would be scared. telling me that she was scared. and she just wants to get her stuff because she has important documents and stuff. >> reporter: flooding closed on highway 101 earlier and there are some voluntary evacuations in place. people could head over to the ymca if they feel like doing that. high
Dec 16, 2012 10:00pm PST
president at the vigil for hook elementary >>> i come to offer the love and prayers of theination. i am very mindful that mere words cannot match depth of your sor row. >> a mournful politic for the fallen sandy hook elementary school victims. >> the connecticut school shooting reignites a heavy dwait over gun control. and just what is it about the and you hobit that's making a lot of movie go ors sick. >>> it is wet in the bay area, starting to begin to rain. we this is what we can expect for the morning compute. >> we're not talking heavy amounts of rain but we are definitely talking some wet roadways as you head out. those showers already starting to make their way in. scatters shoes. we'll take a closer look. this is where the rain will move in and gradually make its way south as we move through the evening hours. and certainly drizzle as we've seen throughout much of the day in the bay. >> temperatures didn't warm too much today. we're seeing current temperature in the low to mid 50s depending on where you are. the good news, if this is too cool, we will warm by a few degrees
Dec 30, 2012 10:00pm PST
. >> they were there with a camera. at first all they can do is watch in horror as a man who rushed to help fell through the ice, then another. 6 would be rescuer's in all were in icy waters. >> we saw the guy go under 3 times and the third time we didn't think he was coming back up. >> the victims clam oerd for inner tubes and people tried to toss a lifeline. after several failed attempts everyone made it to safety. the man who fell first had been in the water for nearly 10 minutes. >> we were really thankful he got out. it was christmas day and this man being in cold water may die here. >> bystanders shared their clothes to the victims. >> carter, cbs news los angeles. >> >>> a close call for a driver as a passenger jet crashes through the freeway over pass. >> all things come to an end, what drivers may be looking forward to is falling by the way side. >> it's going to be cold tonight especially in our interior valleys. plus your new year's eve forecast all coming up. ,,,,,,,, morning -- killing nine peo it happened in the eastern of the state near the city pendleton. the bus crashe
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5